Ruse Android


Ruse (Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy Evaluation) is a desktop application for the graphical analysis of resonant ultrasound spectra. The application provides a browser-like graphical user interface for the interactive localization of the ex­per­i­men­tal resonances for their subsequent analysis in the frequency-tem­per­a­ture or frequency-composition space. The courses of the individual eigenmodes can be distinguished on the basis of symmetry information and drawn with the help of electronic markers.

Rusref (Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy Refinement) is a desktop or server application for the least-squares refinement of the elastic constants of a solid body with well-defined shape against its experimentally observed resonance fre­quen­cies. The refinement can be either run from the command line using input files or controlled through the graphical user interface provided by Ruse. In addition, piezoelectric constants of suitable crystals can be refined. Rusref is able to handle samples of any symmetry.


  • Browser-inspired graphical user interface with access to helper windows
  • Interactive localizability of three categories of experimental resonances
  • Navigability of graphs (frequency-, temperature-, or composition-wise)
  • 3D spectral plots linked with 2D resonance distribution maps
  • Simultaneous graphical display of symmetry-equivalent resonances
  • Electronic markers for disentangling eigenmode courses
  • Integration of dilatometry data analysis
  • Least-squares refinement of elastic and piezoelectric constants
  • Extra- and interpolatability of starting parameters
  • Fine tunability of refinement conditions
  • Detailed tabular and statistical analysis of refinement results